FL.OS.S. Regularly,...For A Healthy Computer

Just as your dentist recommends flossing as preventative maintenance, Florida OnSite Solutions recommends you “FL.OS.S.” for computer preventative maintenance.

The difference is that our methods don’t require you to ‘open wide,’ and they don’t hurt at all. Don’t unplug your computer and toss it into a closet. With a few applications, a few application ‘tweaks’ and, yes, some work on your part, you can get your computer running properly.

 If you have a new computer, we can help you keep it running like new. If you have an older computer, we can help you get it back to its proper functionality.

I am a Dell factory trained technician. I can work on all Dell Desktops, Portables (Laptops, notebooks, etc.) as well as all other brands of Windows based computers.

Malcolm Toomer,

Florida OnSite Solutions, Inc